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Conducting debtor monitoring investigations during a pandemic

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

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Our team of Private Investigator Switzerland often has to use surveillance techniques in their work. We conduct surveillance to gather evidence for an open case. However, in some other cases, some clients seek oversight only to gather the information that they could use later.

Around the world, we have all faced a wide range of situations caused by COVID-19 and related local regulations - an issue that continues to stand out in Switzerland.

Surveillance jobs are especially burdened by the conditions of the pandemic because daily habits have changed and the ability to follow someone without noticing has decreased. Any client interested in surveillance jobs needs to understand how 2020 has changed how those jobs are done – and that means having a conversation about the limits of private investigation, including aspects like:

  • Mandatory quarantines make it difficult or impossible to track someone’s movement

  • Emptier public spaces that make it harder to discreetly follow someone

  • Remote work and at-home policies that may keep people from habitual activities

  • Mask ordinances make it more challenging to identify people

  • The details of these conversations are important but vary based on location and current regulations. The goal is for clients to understand the current limitations of the job.

Of course, the type of clientele can vary. These can be individuals, companies, or even corporations. For example, a corporation may require a private investigator to conduct internal surveillance to detect illegal activities within the company. They can also use these services to gather information about their competitors. Another key trend is a switch away from litigation jobs in 2020. This is largely due to slowdowns and major changes in how local courts are processing new cases under lockdown. In many areas, already-busy courts have become overwhelmed and things have frequently stalled, leading to a lack of litigation cases and any involved surveillance. PIs that have to depend on court-related cases for income have had to find new fields to expand into as a result. One of those new fields discovered by our private investigators is, not surprisingly, the process. This is one area where coronavirus regulations have not had a negative impact - on the contrary, there are benefits for process servers at the time. One of the main advantages is simply that people are more likely to be at home and easier to find. However, this has also become a more competitive field. We mentioned that more surveillance jobs are opening up as business owners want to monitor remote-work employees. But this is also leading to another expanding field for private investigators – clients with questions about digital security. These are owners themselves or others that may have previously worked with private investigators about digital matters. Now, stuck at home and working with new systems, apps, and computers, these clients are turning to our private investigators to ask for advice about how to protect their data. They want to know if their internet security measures are appropriate if they need to change any server protocols, and so on. Private Investigator Switzerland with the experience is helping them navigate new practices, webcam covers, VPNs, and a variety of other protective measures. Do you see any potential strategies for expanding your business? 2020 has made many surveillance jobs more difficult, but it has also created new opportunities for firms to reposition and discover additional strengths. If you need a licensed private investigator and his special skills, feel free to call us. Or simply fill out the form on our website, to get in touch with one of our team members. We are here to help you! Private Investigator Switzerland Schaffhauserstrasse 550., Postfach, CH-8050 Zürich Switzerland


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