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Does a picture speak more than a thousand words?

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Insight into a situation can be gained on the basis of a single quality image, not to mention a series of images that can reveal important details and key evidence for research purposes. In gathering evidence, our team of Private Investigators Switzerland uses a variety of materials. We use our work skills with three types of visual materials: photography, CCTV videos and video camera footage. Such materials offer a large amount of information that in many contexts cannot be expressed orally or in writing. In order for visual material to be useful, it must be consistent and correctly recorded. In the context of private investigations, it is usually used to show the locations of a key event or incident, as well as the consequences of a criminal act committed, such as vandalized shop windows or traces at a crime scene in the event of a burglary. The visual material may also contain a depiction of the very fact of an illegal act, as in the case of a cashier who puts money in his pocket or hands over Ukrainian items to a third party.

What we need:

Secret video


How to keep documentation and records in the field

Secret recording

Video surveillance has been used for decades to secure business and residential premises and its role in conducting investigations is particularly important. Private Investigators Switzerland can use video surveillance cameras in a covert or transparent way. Our team of private investigators in Switzerland who are doing the reconstruction of a particular criminal act, videos can be key evidence.


Photography has been used in criminology for more than a hundred years, and it is still a comprehensive and very useful proof. We use our team of Private Investigators Switzerland as the primary method of collecting visual documentation because the camera offers high resolutions, easy storage and is easy to use, and high-quality lenses that allow zooming over longer distances are also a useful addition, keeping in mind that higher zoom it usually narrows the field of view, so there is a need to find a balance. In addition, the functionality of digital cameras, because they can determine at the scene if a scene is adequately recorded and delete it if not.

How to keep documentation and records in the field

In many situations, visual material remains permanent evidence of incidents, robberies, acts of vandalism and other crimes. It is also necessary to keep quality records of these materials. The primary reason for this is the fact that such documentation can be subsequently analyzed at any stage of the investigation. The team of Private Investigator Switzerland adheres to certain professional standards. At the crime scene, it can be helpful to record all items found, before entering the site itself. Photographs or shots are taken from different perspectives, most often from all four corners of the room, if it is an enclosed space. In that situation, it is useful for our team of private investigators to make shots from the perspectives of other people, e.g. witnesses stating where they were at the time of the incident or official staff first found in the field. In order to gain the best possible insight into the situation on the ground, objects of interest are recorded in the sequence of wider framing angle to narrower.

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