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Due Diligence Investigations in Zurich by Private Investigator Switzerland

Due Diligence Investigations in Zurich by Private Investigator Switzerland

Our team of private investigators is experienced and knows exactly what information to look for during a due diligence investigation. We obtain evidence legally and have access to resources not available to the public. Private Investigator Switzerland will be able to get you accurate information in the most efficient way possible. Our private investigators will use forensic accounting investigations when necessary, background checks, surveillance, undercover shopping, asset searches, financial investigations, and covert investigative methods to uncover how a particular company is doing business. Private Investigator Switzerland keeps records and talks to company clients and customers to discover the legitimacy and potential of a particular company. When necessary, our private investigators investigate specific company histories, production audits, liabilities, information systems, property, facilities, assets, marketing, employees, and capital.

Surprises are only good if they are positive. However, surprises in business are not a good thing. Before starting a collaboration or acquisition, a company should always conduct due diligence to ensure there are no potential pitfalls. Our multidisciplinary investigative teams gather critical intelligence for potential investors and property owners.

Due diligence investigations consist of a comprehensive analysis of any person or business to determine their credibility during legal work. A due diligence investigation is an examination of a company's management, finances, performance, mission, history, goals, customers, and anything else that describes how the business operates. For example, if any person or company wants to merge or buy a company, it is vital that due diligence is done beforehand, as it uncovers any liabilities the company may have that have not been exposed. There are many types of Due Diligence investigations. Some joint investigations include:

  • Legal Investigations: Legal Due Diligence Investigations deal with a specific company's intellectual property, including contracts, loans, estates, employment history, and any pending litigation.

  • Financial Investigations: Financial investigations examine the finances of a company. These investigations deal with earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flow, debt, and management.

  • Commercial Investigations: Commercial investigations take into account the current market. This includes discussions with customers, evaluation of competitors, and any existing business plans.

  • There are also external investigations that can involve tax, pensions, human resources, and even IT systems.

Due Diligence investigations allow a buyer or prospective partner to go through the risks of the business, customer records, and other documents to ensure he or she is making a good decision and confronting difficult business challenges.

Corporate mergers and partnerships are complicated transactions that include a lot of legal requirements. Working with an expert can help you handle the legal aspects of the merger or partnership so that you can focus on business development.

Our team of licensed investigators at Private Investigator Switzerland conducts due diligence investigations to help businesses get the information they need to file all the correct legal documents and make the necessary reports. We are a private investigative agency with years of experience and the training your business needs to get results.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Analysis of commercial issues/financial conditions

  • Determination of cash flows such as working capital, capital expenditure, etc.

  • Determination of tax issues/Technology consulting

  • Assessment of the management forecast

  • Identification of hidden costs and potential liabilities

  • Identification of key business drivers and risks

  • Review and evaluation of the organization and staff

  • Overview of balance sheet assets and liabilities

  • Any other questions related to running a business

Our reports include details of management structure, liabilities, financial discrepancies, hidden ownership interests, criminal litigation, family issues, regulatory compliance concerns, undisclosed business activities, enforcement audits, allegations of corruption, and negative media. Our risk-based approach allows us to conduct the appropriate level of due diligence based on specific criteria.

The aim of each investigation is to build a reputational profile of the target subjects so that our clients are making the best possible business decision. In jurisdictions where publicly available information is limited, we work with our clients to craft a cost-conscious human intelligence report that utilizes our global network of sources to assess the reputation of the parties in question.

Clients can access the range of Private Investigator Switzerland due diligence offerings by working with our investigative professionals through a traditional consultative process depending on the level of due diligence required.

Who will benefit from due diligence?

  • Business acquisitions

  • New business partnerships

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Evaluation of potential clients or partners

  • Corporate transactions

It may not stop a bad investment, an unpredictable market, or unpredictable competition, but Due Diligence is a necessary precaution that could prevent you from making a bad decision for years to come.

Whether you are evaluating investments, entering new markets, auditing third parties, or meeting regulatory requirements, we offer a wide range of consulting and programmatic solutions to address your specific needs.

How does Private Investigator Switzerland due diligence investigation service differ from other providers?

Private Investigator Switzerland combines human research with technological enablers to ensure the accuracy of the information presented and assist in decreasing turnaround times. Our research staff is trained to see subjects as a whole and to use the totality of research findings to confirm, question, and present the most comprehensive report possible.

When do clients generally require your investigations services?

Typically our clients will order due diligence prior to the closing of a merger or acquisition, prior to public filings, prior to equity or cash investments, or on a regular basis as part of their anti-bribery & corruption (ABC) and/or anti-money laundering (AML) programs. In some instances, clients will engage our services for remediation purposes and internal whistle-blower cases.

Pertinent Details Prevent Devastating Losses in time

There is more data available today than ever before, making the task of investigating entities and individuals a daunting challenge for most businesses. There is no singular, unified database with all records from all jurisdictions.

Others still produce reports with excess information and filler content. This illusion of value results in little more than unnecessary frustration. Consider this: there are 3,007 counties across the country, and each has its own court and record system.

Private Investigator Switzerland ability to provide comprehensive litigation reporting through both public records, AI, and on-site court searches enables our investigators to create the most thorough reports in the industry.

Private investigator Switzerland technology can mine for valuable data compiled into thorough reports, overseen by trained investigators, and reviewed by a senior team member for quality control. We help businesses across all industries prevent potentially devastating losses by performing the due diligence needed and often required for hiring, investing lending, and other common business actions.

Smart business people know how to minimize their business risk. For more information on Due Diligence investigations please contact us for a free consultation. Call us today at +41-44-586-60-33 or fill out the online form on our website.

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