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Investigations and Surveillance in Restaurants - Private Investigator Switzerland

Investigations and Surveillance in Restaurants - Private Investigator Switzerland

You will agree, that a lot can be seen and heard by observation. So we put together a mosaic. Private investigative oversight far outweighs any effort a layman can make to track a person or uncover intelligence. The advanced skills and experience of private investigators at our Private Investigator Switzerland agency allow you to get the answers you need without compromising yourself in the discovery process. Conducting supervision means discreetly gathering information, providing evidence, or documenting an action without the knowledge of the subject. Private investigative oversight is a big deal for public institutions working on all sorts of different cases, from missing persons to insurance fraud, to theft and vandalism, to determine whether a parent is capable of having custody of children or the right to visit until proof of marital infidelity.

An old folk saying says: that jobs are best done in a "tavern".

It all comes down to close and detailed observation of a person, observation of his behavior and activities, places, or things in order to gather facts that can be used to make a case - whether it means observing the "subject", ie. a person who visits a restaurant and meets with other people, makes arrangements ... or, for example, a shop that has been robbed several times to see if anyone is condemning it for attempted burglary. - enters or observes a person who has insurance for a leg injury to see if he miraculously gets up and starts running around.

In almost every case, technology now plays a major role in doing business by improving the ability of private investigations to collect and document data that reveals the story of a crime or offense. The technology that is now available is a matter of James Bond movies - they come in all sizes and shapes.

On the street, a time-tested approach to spotting the topic and gathering evidence is still at stake. The basic approach to private investigative oversight has remained fairly static for decades - take a look. Listen. Follow.

Surveillance can be carried out for nearly any type of private investigation, including infidelity, employee misconduct, or locating a missing person. When it comes to spousal surveillance, a private investigator does his or her best to uncover where, when, and how of a cheating spouse, so you can understand why. Following a person who is suspected of cheating can involve surveillance that answers:

  • Who he or she spends time with.

  • Where he or she goes and when.

  • Identifying the other person or persons he or she is with.

For matters of employee misconduct, undercover private investigator surveillance is often initiated to reveal whether there is evidence of:

  • Employee asset misuse

  • Employee time theft

  • Workers comp abuse

  • Business fraud

  • Breach of a non-compete contract

  • Workplace affair

Employees, contractors, and partners can destroy a business when employee misconduct is taking place. Surveillance must be deployed to safeguard your enterprise from internal as well as external threats.

Locating a missing person is always a sensitive matter, and any type of investigation must be done tactfully, without drawing attention, and without the other person’s knowledge. Quite often, missing people don’t want to be found, but a loved one wants and needs to know where they are. Details about a person’s whereabouts and their well-being are often enough to satisfy the person who has employed a private investigator; careful private investigator surveillance can be the key to finding them.

Types of Private Investigator Surveillance

Each case is individually evaluated for the benefits of a surveillance plan, and from there a detailed surveillance strategy is developed. Surveillance can include:

  • Visual Surveillance and Documentation

Nothing can deliver the kind of clear visual proof an HD picture can, and a clear picture will almost always stand up as evidence in court. Automatic timestamps also eliminate the need for a lot of writing notes. Like any business, PI work is all about giving clients what they’re after. The convenience of digital formats is a big deal for getting the evidence in the hands of the client quickly.

  • Eavesdropping and Gathering Audio Evidence

There are also circumstances where audio recording is the only way to get the evidence you need. Good models with multi-channel transmission avoid interference and can both record and transmit real-time broadcasts to a base station up to 200 feet away. You have to be careful with audio surveillance because, in some states, all parties being recorded must be informed and grant consent. Violate that rule and you will be the one on the hot seat when the case is over.

  • Following and Tracking

It’s easiest, of course, to follow someone without actually tailing them, which is what GPS trackers are all about. Small, sometimes magnetic, battery-powered trackers can easily be concealed on a target’s car. In 2023, the video surveillance market is projected to be worth 62.6 billion U.S. dollars, with infrastructure applications forecast to make up over 36 percent of the global market.

  • Conducting asset searches

Are you going through a divorce and suspecting that your spouse is hiding or omitting assets from you? Are you an executor or personal representative of an estate who is trying to figure out what assets the deceased owned or what bills are outstanding? Are you contemplating filing a personal injury lawsuit against someone but are worried about your legal costs and your ability to collect on your judgment if you prevail? Are you responsible for conducting a due diligence review on a business entity or new hire? If your answer is yes to any one of the above questions, then a comprehensive asset search conducted by a professional asset search firm is essential.

Every client has different reasons and motivations for wanting private investigator surveillance. Maybe you want confirmation of suspicion, perhaps you’re preparing for a legal case and need concrete evidence. Whatever prompted your need for private investigator surveillance, all information gathered is done so legally, legitimately, and professionally, so the intelligence that is gathered can be used in a court of law or police investigation if need be. Surveillance is a finely honed skill that our professionals have morphed into a true art form. Discretion and confidentiality are at the crux of every case, whatever matter it is for which you require private investigator surveillance.

If you’re ready for answers, and you know that quiet, careful investigation is required, rely on our specialists at Private Investigator Switzerland. Contact us today for an anonymous initial consultation.

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