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Private Investigator Switzerland & Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020 (PwC)

Globally, 47% of companies experienced fraud in the past 24 months, 6 is the average number of frauds reported per company, US$42bn is the total fraud losses reported by respondents, Only 56% conducted an investigation into their worst fraud incident. Judging from the news reports, fraud seems to be everywhere. Guess what: PwC's latest global survey of fraud and economic crime suggests this isn’t far from the truth.

The message? For any business – yours included – the threat of fraud is current and growing. It’s a risk you ignore or underestimate at your peril. And too many businesses are doing just that.

PwCs Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020 insights will help you get clued up on fraud risks, and map out an action plan to respond. You should read it today. On the other side, how to fight against Corporate Economic Crime and against Fraud & Fraudsters?

Swiss Security Solutions LLC - Private Investigator Switzerland, could help you in many economic crimes & fraud cases for private persons and corporations e.g.

  • Background checks

  • Corporate investigations & intelligence

  • CEO fraud investigation

  • Cyber investigations & social media intelligence

  • Insurance claim verification

  • Asset verification

  • Dormant accounts and dormant assets investigations

  • Fingerprinting and analysis

  • Forgery investigation

  • Arson investigation

  • Record searching cases

  • Witness interviews and location

  • Accident investigation

  • Intellectual property theft

  • Fraud investigation

  • Domestic and divorce cases

  • Private family investigations

  • Market survey and information gathering

  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance

  • Patent, Trademark and Copyright infringement

  • Debt recovery and judgment collection

  • Pre & post matrimonial investigation

  • Pre & post-employment investigation (Staff vetting)

  • Death investigation including closed cases

  • Missing person investigation

  • Global risk investigations

  • Forensic accounting

Private Investigator Switzerland – Swiss Security Solutions is the leading private investigative & intelligence organization in Switzerland and one of the largest private investigator networks worldwide. The head office is located in Zürich, Switzerland, but the company is networked with various professional investigators, investigation agencies, and law enforcement departments across the globe, to assure the quality of services and solutions in any area of the world.

FB: Swiss.Sec.Solutions

Twitter: Swiss_Security


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