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Private Detective Agency can help you investigate the property in Swiss and internationally

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

How do you find someone who has completely mysteriously disappeared? Our possibilities are not small. Let's start considering who and how can help you?

People go missing for various reasons, whether it’s through personal choice, illness, stress, abduction, foul play, or drug- or alcohol-related causes. If someone is missing and you believe they are at risk, we can assist you using Skip Trace & Locate Reports. There are, in fact, many “unknowns” in the realm of missing persons, including uncertainties as to what happens to people when they go missing. More detailed investigations are required that require knowledge, discretion, and experience in property investigations such as our Private Detective Agency from Zurich, Switzerland team. There are many reasons people go missing, whether it is a relative, friend, past love, runaway child, a debtor, or a witness. People are most likely to gravitate to areas of cities where a disturbing and growing number of homeless youth remain vulnerable to violence, drug addiction, prostitution, and other risks of exploitation and involvement in a crime. Our highly experienced Zurich private investigators successfully find people with minimal information, often under challenging circumstances. We continuously strive to provide high standards of service and understand the personal nature of these investigations.

Our company includes a licensed and professional team in the field of services we provide. We provide our services not only in Switzerland but also globally. During the property investigation, our team of highly experienced private investigators will locate the property of a particular entity. Such claims are often used during litigation or divorce, so if the subject in question is trying to hide assets or resources, the evidence will be able to prove that they exist. Discrete services have the resources and expertise to locate assets that entities often think cannot be found. We locate things like bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate, land, businesses, vehicles, and more. Our chief asset researcher has over 200 years of experience. Over the years, he has been up to date with all the changes regarding the monitoring of bank funds and much more. We also subscribe to databases that are only available to license private investigators and law enforcement detectives. It is important to use a licensed, reputable private investigator who specializes in locating a property. Our team has been locating assets for decades so we have the skills and resources to provide you with the information you need.

Skip Tracing Missing Debtors

High levels of debt mean it’s essential to make contact with your customers as soon as you realize there is a problem. Team Private Detective Agency understands that in all cases, timing is crucial. Debts you wish to recover may be irretrievable if the debtor is not traced in time. Our Zurich Private Investigators can help you solve these issues by helping you locate debtors and missing people. Our Skip tracing services can help you reduce the number of accounts that are written off because no address information is known. You can get higher success in recovering the debt if you recognize the problem early. Our debt collection service will give you quick results. We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive inquiries related to the corporate sector. We discuss issues in a comprehensive, confidential manner.

Tracing of Defendants & Witnesses

People often get judgments and never collect. Hire an experienced private detective in Switzerland who will conduct appropriate searches to locate the property on which you can collect. Fees included in property searches and hidden assets can often be added to a judgment. Talk about it with your lawyer. In Switzerland, we can find things such as real estate where the Entity resides, bank account information, stocks, brokerage account information, hidden assets, and companies registered in Switzerland under the Entity name. Private Detective Agency can trace the correct and accurate witness for your case. Witnesses in court make their statements under oath, with severe consequences of deviating from the truth in their testimony. When the witness takes the stand, the triers-of-fact are expected to generally consider the possibility that they, despite the oath, may render an untruthful or factually incorrect account of events and circumstances due to other interests or biases. A chance of bias may also exist despite the witnesses’ genuine desire to render a truthful testimony. We may be able to help you access reliable information that would lead you to and trace the accurate witness for their deposition. All inquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner. We use the most effective methods to carry out research to find actual results while maintaining complete privacy.

Tracing of Business & Company Searches

Private Detective Agency offers a specialized skip tracing service that is fast, efficient, and accurate. We have built a highly comprehensive database comprising of consumer and company records, which can provide you with the information you seek. Our division of Skip Tracing uses the latest technology, databases, and tracing skills to locate people and company information. The reasons for the disappearance of companies are usually criminal or financial causes. Criminal background: tax evasions, using trust funds, etc. Financial background: Debts, stealing money from partners, investment complications, etc.

In the case of business losses, some businessmen can make them disappear by transferring funds to another bank account, choosing a destination without extradition agreements within the country of departure, or maybe using a new identity. In this case, we form a team to trace the missing businessman. Our squad gathers details, prepares a profile and questions for all the people relevant to the missing businessman. When the missing person is found, the full information is collected by verifying the location of a new residence, place of work, and unique identity. We treat all information with the highest confidentiality while insisting on the highest ethical standards in understanding our client’s business. We continuously strive to help provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive inquiries related to the corporate sector. We discuss all the issues in a comprehensive, confidential manner.

Property investigation in Switzerland

The aim of the property investigation is to locate funds in the name of the Entity living in Switzerland in order to obtain what is rightfully yours.

This could consist of:

• Divorce setting

• Personal lawsuit

• Property search for businesses

• Procedures for child support

• Personal injury lawsuits

We are launching searches of databases at the national level that are only available to law enforcement and private investigators to locate information on the subject's residence history, as well as close relatives. We are looking for real estate, hidden bank accounts, hidden investment accounts, and other things that your lawyer can decorate.

Investigations of property in Switzerland may include, but are not limited to:

· A detailed search of real estate

· Information on mortgages and loans

· National Deed Searches

· Vehicles

· Search bank and investment accounts

· Hidden asset searches

· Searches of investment accounts at the national level

· Business searches

· Bankruptcies

· UCC Filings

· Federal Tax Stock

· State tax stock

· Creditor Searches

· Judgments

Talk to a private investigator

If you need an investigator for Swiss property research services, do not hesitate to contact us. Discreet services are there to help you with your case and are ready to talk to you during a free consultation. Feel free to contact us via our online consultation form.

Private Detective Agency™

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