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What types of fraud investigations does Private Investigator Switzerland provide?

What types of fraud investigations does Private Investigator Switzerland provide?

Maybe, as an ordinary citizen, I can't even imagine what kind of scams there are. But, criminals today are certainly very imaginative, brave, and daring, without the slightest remorse they will engage in some crimes for personal gain. In fact, we are never quite sure whether we can fully trust someone. In a conversation with our private detectives, I will reveal to you which frauds our team encounters most often.

Let's start from the beginning, do you know what fraud investigations actually are?

A fraud investigation determines whether fraud has occurred and gathers evidence to protect the victims involved. Fraud is a misrepresentation with the intent to deceive. For example, if a company makes a certain claim about a product and knows that the product will not work as promised, it is guilty of fraud. Equally key elements of fraud are misrepresentation or falsehood, reliance on the misrepresentation or falsehood, and something of the value obtained as a result.

Employees and directors commit fraud in companies. Fraud against individuals is perpetrated by family, friends, and business acquaintances. Regardless of the circumstances, it comes as a huge shock and all too often leaves the victim feeling devastated and unsure of what to do next. Fraud is a very real and costly problem that causes loss of money as well as serious injury and sometimes even death.

Private Investigations Switzerland is a team of certified fraud investigators skilled in handling fraud cases; even the most complex financial fraud investigations. Not only do we gather evidence of a fraud scheme to bring the culprit to justice, but we also help you recover your missing money or property.

What happens during a fraud investigation?

Where there are unsatisfactory profits, persistent shortages, or unexplained stock losses, there is a need for senior management to address these issues. One of the most effective measures is to put a trained investigator on the payroll as an ordinary worker, who then becomes the eyes and ears of management in the affected areas.

Fraud investigations begin with a meeting between the investigator and the client. The person initiating the investigation explains why they suspect fraud and provides any evidence to support their claims. A good fraud investigator will use this initial information to find more evidence and information. To do this, they may use surveillance, property searches, background checks, employee investigations, business investigations, and other methods.

In most states, the offense of fraud can be classified as a civil or criminal offense and a misdemeanor. Although fraud is most often done for profit, sometimes it is done just to defraud another person or company. For example, if a person makes false statements, this may be considered fraud, depending on the circumstances.

Common Types of Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud involves individuals who make false claims to receive insurance money or insurance companies who refuse to honor legitimate claims.

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud includes issues like theft of information, compromised customer information, and a damaged reputation.

Financial Fraud

Tax evasion, public corruption, health care fraud, telemarketing fraud, and terrorist financing all fall under Financial Fraud.

Identity Theft

With identity theft, investigators will look for faulty loan or credit card applications, false withdrawals from bank accounts, dishonest use of calling cards, and using an alternate name to receive benefits.

Internet Fraud

Internet fraud occurs when criminals attempt to take advantage of victims via the internet. This includes theft of personal information or fraudulent transactions that result in a significant loss of money.

Corporate Slip and Fall

This type of fraud involves individuals who purposely organize a fall while inside a store in order to file a claim. They will go as far as to throw water on the floor in order to ensure a slip.

Expense Claim Fraud

When employees pocket run over business expenses they are committing fraud. Often, individuals will claim to stay in hotels costing $200 a night when in reality, they stay in cheap motels and keep the remainder of the money.

Common Scams That Target Seniors (and How to Avoid Them)

According to the National Council on Aging, older adults suffer annual financial losses of about €3 billion to fraud schemes. These heartless crimes can devastate victims, who are often on meager fixed incomes and reliant on their savings. In most cases, the losses cannot be recovered.

Housing Fraud

Housing associations are available in many places to help those in need of finding a home for their family. Even so, many run rampant with complaints about bad tenants, illegal tenancy fraud, and all the while trying to keep up with the increasing demand for housing.

A private investigator can assist many of these associations or tenants by compiling evidence they need to remove tenants that have breached their terms of agreement for the housing they occupy or unlivable conditions. Whether the problem is illegal subletting, tenancy fraud, or a significant cause of property damage, a private investigator can pave the way for getting you the information you need.

Fraud in divorce proceedings

Spouses commit fraud for an age-old reason—greed. Many spouses can easily rationalize hiding assets or committing fraud against their spouse due to hostility that arises between the parties in a divorce proceeding. It is important to understand the behaviors and conditions that can lead to the possible existence of fraud or hidden assets found after a divorce.

Why Do I Need a Fraud Investigation?

If you are the victim of a scam, you may lose significant amounts of money and, in some cases, your good name. Proving a fraud actually occurred, however, can be complicated and evidence you gather on your own may not be admissible in court. A qualified, experienced investigator helps you receive the compensation you deserve.

Just solving your immediate fraud problem is not enough for Private Investigations Switzerland. We want to help you implement policies and practices that will protect yourself or your business to stop future fraud attacks.

Do you need a fraud investigation?

Are you a victim of a scam, or are you in danger of losing a significant amount of money? Our team of investigators can help you gather the evidence you need for court. Our team is qualified, experienced, and highly dedicated to you and your company. We will help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call our Zurich Private Investigators today.

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