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Swiss Detective Agency and Corporate Investigative Services - Surveillance Investigations

Corporate Investigative Services - Surveillance Investigations - Swiss Detective Agency

“We empower HR Professionals and Business Owners to make informed people decisions. When employee relations and reputations are at stake, our third-party services bring transparency.” – Michael, President

At Swiss Detective Agency, you will find experienced, world-class professionals who do investigations thoroughly and get results that matter. Our satisfied customers include businesses, both large and small, including law firms, accounting firms, private equity groups, banking institutions, insurance companies, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, and others companies as well as government entities.

Surveillance investigations provide attorneys, insurance claims adjusters, and businesses with the necessary objective evidence they need to help build solid cases. Swiss Detective Agency provides a fundamental and reliable service to our ever-growing client base both in Switzerland and around the world. Our investigations have been mitigated by commercial considerations, drawing on the rich experience of our licensed team and consultants within the structure of our company. Our professionals work within the appropriate privacy laws to gather evidence. They also incorporate the standard techniques used by law enforcement in criminal investigations and couple those with techniques used by the FBI. Surveillance investigations rely on high-quality video equipment. We use state-of-the-art video cameras and covert or concealed, cameras to obtain video documentation. Swiss Detective Agency undercover operations range from basic photo surveillance to “planting” an investigator inside of an organization. This powerful combination of services ensures the surveillance investigation will meet your needs.

The basic function of our business is to provide a complete investigation package to the corporate, insurance, and legal sectors. The package includes highly trained investigators and uniquely qualified support staff. Our company provides a viable alternative to traditional police methods when it comes to corrupt business practices or cases of mistrust or dishonesty. We offer current response times and prompt, well-founded investigations. We provide practical solutions to problems that our clients do not usually encounter.

Our collective research expertise is superior to any other consulting firm in Zurich, Switzerland, and our qualifications complement our business. This broad knowledge base allows us to use a wide range of options that other investigative teams do not usually consider. We have structured our business to take care of investigations around the country and the world, and we can access these resources immediately.

Swiss Detective Agency provides the following surveillance investigation services:

  • Worker's compensation surveillance

  • Personal injury surveillance

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) abuse

  • Employee surveillance services

  • Competitive intelligence

Workers' Compensation Surveillance Services

Individuals can make false or exaggerated claims to collect workers' compensation for fraud. Supervision of workers' compensation provides evidence that insurance providers, carriers, or third-party administrators should substantiate suspicions of illegal conduct and initiate legal proceedings, if necessary.

When an investigator is able to videotape subjects performing activities outside the physical limits set by their physician, he or she may provide evidence that weakens or even invalidates the worker's compensation claim. When we have a contract to investigate a case, we review the details and history of the lawsuit to better understand the subject’s defined physical limitations. We also examine the daily life patterns of the subject to establish a control strategy.

With these techniques, our team Swiss Detective Agency can collect footage to record the actual daily physical activities of the subject. This recording, together with a detailed report on the supervision of the compensation of the worker summarizing the findings, is prepared for each investigation and delivered to the client.

Personal Injury Surveillance - Insurance Consulting

With the number of fraudulent personal injury claims on the rise, insurance companies are finding value in investigating suspicious claims. Personal injury surveillance conducted by experienced professionals provides insurance companies with the documentation they need to correctly process claims.

Swiss Detective Agency is contracted by insurance companies to carry out personal injury surveillance investigations. We review the claim and conduct surveillance to capture the actual day-to-day mobility of the subject on video. The goal is to ensure the injuries are not greatly exaggerated and the claim is appropriate.

After collecting the video footage, both covertly from a vehicle and in person with concealed cameras, our professionals prepare a personal injury surveillance report summarizing the findings. When we are able to capture the subject on video performing physical activities outside of the restrictions set by their physician, we are able to help insurance companies avoid paying on fraudulent claims.

Family Medical Leave Act Abuse Investigations

The Family and Medical Leave Act provides employees the opportunity to take time away from work for a number of specified family and medical reasons. Qualifying employees can take advantage of FMLA when they need it most. Unfortunately, this job-protecting benefit is often abused and taken under fraudulent circumstances.

When you suspect FMLA abuse, let our Swiss Detective Agency professionals take the necessary steps to uncover the truth. Surveillance is the key to providing the high-quality, video evidence attorneys and employers need to take the appropriate action.

Consider this example: an employee is approved for FMLA to care for their child. During this time, the employer suspects this time is being used for unapproved purposes. A surveillance investigation determines that the employee was working for another business while on FMLA leave.

Some signs of possible FMLA abuse include:

  • An employee’s repeated use of FMLA

  • Multiple employees on FMLA at once

  • FMLA requests following denial of vacation

  • Complaints or tips collected from employee hotlines

  • Intermittent FMLA requests that coincide with weekends or holidays

Our Swiss Detective Agency team has the experience and state-of-the-art tools to offer you or your business a complete picture. Make the important decision to incorporate surveillance into your FMLA abuse investigation.

Employee Surveillance - Corporate Investigative Services

Don’t let unproductive employees affect your bottom line. Whether employees are in the field or working remotely, it is important that they are providing value to you and your business.

Employee dishonesty or contractor theft is the single largest scourge against the balance sheet of any business. The business world is fast learning not to tolerate this corporate cancer. There are three steps to eradicate corporate theft:

  • Identify the problem

  • Evaluate the issues

  • Solve the problem

Offering flexibility in the workplace has become integral to staying competitive in the job market. With flexible work schedules and remote working conditions on the rise, employee productivity has come into question. Employee surveillance services provided by our qualified Swiss Detective Agency team are what employers need to ensure they are receiving the highest value from their employees.

For an employer questioning an employee’s performance, the answer is simple. Employee surveillance services offered by the Swiss Detective Agency can provide the unbiased and objective information you need to confirm or negate any suspicions.

Our corporate clients have displayed a desire for flexibility when they are faced with the prospect of whether to prosecute employees or contractors involved in the theft. All they often desire is to remove the element of dishonesty and return to a normal, profitable business.

Our team includes investigative accountants and company auditors experienced in making an independent appraisal of your accounting system if required.

We have a range of business strategies to deal with dishonesty. From a full circumstantial investigation to placing an undercover employee in the workplace to gather vital evidence. Whatever the chosen strategy, we can support any workplace investigation including surveillance or covert camera installations.

Our investigations are tailored to avoid industrial relations issues or breaches of the legislation. Employment termination of a dishonest employee or contractor is one of the most difficult problems faced in business today. Without factual evidence, employers risk unfair dismissal claims or a visit to the Industrial Relations Commission.

A growth area in corporate crime is retail theft. Once a casual trait of the young offender, retail theft is now organized and sophisticated. The smarter companies are dealing with retail theft before it gets out of hand. We offer a range of strategies to address this problem. Additionally, we offer lectures and education programs to improve the awareness of your key staff and managers.

Competitive Intelligence - Investigative Services

Know your competition. Competitive intelligence and analysis reporting is an invaluable service and integral step in avoiding potentially costly mistakes while giving you and your business that edge for achieving success.

Are you taking your business into a new or existing market? Considering a potential merger, acquisition, or joint venture? Do you suspect patent or trademark infringement? Do you need to know what your competition is doing? A complete and thorough competitive intelligence report can give the perspective and confidence you need to ensure you’re making the right decisions.

Our expansive network of Swiss Detective Agency professionals provides clients with in-depth competitive intelligence reporting to highlight strengths, uncover vulnerabilities, and draw attention to potential liabilities.

Competitive intelligence will offer the insight you need to make informed business decisions. Our analysis and reporting are completely customized to meet your needs and can include:

  • In-depth business intelligence

  • On-site surveillance

  • Fraud alerts

  • New and existing market landscape

  • Background investigation

If you have any inquiries about our investigations, do not hesitate to email us at: or call + 41 44 586 60 33. You may also complete our online inquiry form!

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